We are a full service law firm providing services in most areas of the law with the high concentration devoted to family law, criminal matters, wills and estates.

Currently, we continue with the tradition of providing services to individuals in such fashion so that we can meet the full spectrum of demands of the individual and his family. Many law firms concentrate their practice in the lucrative area of negligence and injuries. While we welcome those types of cases we take pride in our ability to be your family lawyer and help you in all other areas of the practice of law you may encounter.

We have had many successful years by providing professional assistance in legal matters and culturing strong repeat client base. Lafayette has a large diverse population due to the fortunate proximity of Purdue University students and the large businesses surrounding Lafayette and West Lafayette. We have experience in catastrophic injuries, major felony cases, as well as those typical occasional problems encountered by Purdue University students and families in distress.

Our firm unlike many others performs a high concentration of work in Juvenile Delinquency type cases. Many lawyers are unaware of the complexities involved in representing a Juvenile and the Juvenile's parents, and we welcome the opportunity to be of service in this area.

Jeffery L. Helmerick invites you to call for your initial consultation with no cost and no obligation for the first meeting. As always, we welcome new clients who are interviewing with law firms for their representation and are confident that you will choose our firm to be your family lawyer.